Benefits of Buying Original Art


What’s the point of buying artwork for your living space if it doesn’t look great? Original artwork is hand produced, and every color and nuance is specifically chosen. Whether it's oil, acrylic, or pigmented photographic inks the difference is significant if you were to compare it to mass-produced reproductions, made on presses, using fade-away commercial inks. Sometimes it will look pixelated when you look closely at it, but originals never have that risk, and even the most amateur art lover can tell the difference between an original artwork and a store-bought decor item.


A one-of-a-kind, or editioned artwork will make your space your own. How often have you noticed the same Ikea artwork in several friends’ living rooms? Even if the artwork isn’t by a well-known artist, the originality of the piece evokes more of a sense of wealth and personality into your living space.


Original artworks have depth – literally. Whether gallery wrapped around stretcher bars or framed for protection, an original artwork will actually pop off the walls. Simply put, this depth will always fill a room more powerfully than a flat poster against a wall.

The ‘Story’

There’s not much conversation value in “Oh, I bought this from [any major retailer]. However, when you buy original art, it’s often an adventure. Many times you may meet the artist in person, hear their story behind the artwork, and understand the feeling behind it. Or you might have seen it in an art gallery on a vacation. Because the process of buying original artwork is so different from buying mass-produced consumer artwork, you can usually expect to have a great story to tell at the end of it. Not only can these stories impress your guests, but they’ll also help forge deeper personal connections between you and the artwork you buy.

The Emotional Element

The higher quality looks, the originality, the depth, and the story behind the original artwork all add up to help create a strong emotional connection to the original artwork you end up buying. The sheer fact that original artwork can often cost more money means that you wouldn’t end up buying it unless you already felt a connection and attraction to this artwork. However, if you buy original art, you can ensure that your collection is made up of only the worthiest of pieces, and not impulse buys that cost little but waste your wall space with cheap designs that don’t truly ‘speak’ to you.

Investment value

The great thing about buying artwork is that it can often appreciate in value. Unlike furniture or Pottery Barn statement pieces, artwork typically does not lose its value for having been pre-owned. Instead, if you invest smart, your artwork may be worth more after years hanging in your living room than it was worth when you first bought it.

Artmine/Collectors Corner/DeGrand

All of the books and photographs on my website are for sale. The photographs are inkjet prints made with Ultrachrome pigmented ink and archival paper.The photographs are usually, but not always, made in three sizes, and they are made in editions. Smaller prints are made in editions of 10, medium sized prints are made in editions of 5, and larger (mural) sized prints are made in editions of 5. With the exception of the books all photographs are numbered and signed. Editions are sold from the higest to the lowest numbers and come with a letter of provenance. Photographs are shipped free in heavy cardboard tubes or sandwiched between heavy flat cardboard.

Many of the individual portfolios have framed editions and are available for one person or group shows. Please contact me to make arrangements for a show or if you have any questions concerning my work.

Thank you

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