Joel DeGrand holds an MFA in photography from the University of Oregon and a BS in Art Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He has been a photographer since his early childhood, and has taught art and photography since 1968. He has participated in numerous one-person, group exhibitions, and workshops in the United States and abroad, and his work is included in many museums, corporations, private collections and publications. He has published 16 books of his photography and won many awards for his work over the years including an (NEA) National Endowment for the Arts grant.

Joel DeGrand - Career Narrative

I have been a professional and fine art photographer for more than 40 years, living in the Chicago area for the past 21 years. I have received numerous awards during my career for advertising and fine arts photography. My work has been acquired by museums, corporations, and private collectors in the United States and abroad.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in art education from Indiana University at Pennsylvania in 1968 and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Oregon in 1973. My professional development was greatly enhanced by studying with notable photographers Minor White and Brett Weston.

In 1975, I helped establish the photography department at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, one of the oldest independent media arts centers in the country. From 1975 until 1987, I served as department head and academic coordinator. My book, “The Silver/Non-Silver Lab Manual,” was used in photography classes.

In 1980 I was awarded a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to photograph Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This project expanded into a 10-year photo documentary of Pittsburgh’s evolution from an industrial center into an economically diverse city. This work earned a Board of Governors Purchase Award at The Philadelphia Print Club's 58th Annual International Exhibition in 1982. During my time in Pittsburgh, I was presented with the Jurors’ Award at the 74th annual Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art. In 1984, I published, "The Pittsburgh Portfolio I,” an edition of 30 photographs from the project.

Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed sharing my love of photography and the arts with high school and college students. I was a high school art teacher for three years and taught photography for one year at the University of Southern Illinois. For the past 20 years, I’ve been an adjunct professor at Columbia College, a diverse private arts and media college located in downtown Chicago. I also taught photography, art appreciation, and design at Moraine Community College as an adjunct professor.

In January 2008, I taught a photographic workshop for American and Chinese students at Renmin University in Beijing. This turned out to be a pivotal experience that shaped a photographic project about uniforms. I recently published a book titled “Uniforms, Outfits & Accessories. The Northern Indiana Arts Association presented me with a juried award in 2004. In 2005 and 2007 and I received a juried award from a regional invitational at The Lubeznik Center for the Arts in Michigan City, IN.

Since 2008 I have self-published 17 books of my fine art photography created over the course of my career. My photography has been featured in numerous one-person shows, group exhibitions, workshops and publications in the United States, and China. 


Joel DeGrand

PO Box 3, Beverly Shores, IN 46301

219 878-9967


                                                      1973, MFA, University of Oregon, Graphic Design / Photography.

                                                      1968, BS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Art Education.

                                   JOB EXPERIENCE:


                                                    2002 - 2016, Moraine Valley Community College, Palos Hills, IL, (Adjunct Professor)  

                                                    1990 - 2012, Columbia  College, Chicago, IL, (Adjunct Professor)

                                                     2003, School of the Art Institute, Chicago, IL. (Adjunct Professor)

                                                     1976-1987, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (Adjunct Professor)                

                                                     1976-1987, Department  Head, Photography, and Academic Coordinator for

                                                      Film Production and Photography at Pittsburgh Film-Makers, a Media Arts

                                                      Center which houses the facilities used by the University of Pittsburgh, Point

                                                      Park College, Carlow  College, Carnegie-Mellon University and

                                                      other area colleges. 

                                                     1974-75, Visiting Lecturer, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

                                                     1970-73, Graduate Teaching  Fellow, University of Oregon.

                                                     1968-70, Art Teacher, East Allegheny Senior High School, Pittsburgh, PA

                                                     1961-63, Head Photographer, Daily Leader Times, Kittanning, PA

                                  WORKSHOP/LECTURES: (Selected)

                                                     2014 - Prudue University (Westville), Lecture: 360 Degree Photographs, November 8

                                                     2014 - Brauer Museum of Art, Valparaiso, Indiana - Uniforms, Outfits, Accessories

                                                     2008 – Pre-Olympic Photography Workshop – Beijing, China

                                                      2008 - Lubeznik Center for the Arts – Gallery Talk

                                                      2008, China Photographic Workshop, Beijing China 

                                                      1981, Zenith Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Four Photographers,

                                                       Eugene Smith, Eliot Porter, Bruce Davidson, and Henri Cartier-Bresson                                 

                                                      1979, Worchester Art Museum, Kwik Print Color.

                                                      1978, Georgia State University, Kwik Print Color.

                                                      1977, Society for Photographic Education, National

                                                      Conference, N.Y.C., “Le-Tour, Impressions of a Transcontinental               

                                                      Bicycle Trip”

                                   PUBLICATIONS: (Selected)

                                                      2014  Window Dressing

                                                      2013  Uniforms, Outfits, & Accessories

                                                      2013  Window Dressing

                                                      2013  Hair Trigger 35 – Magazine Portfolio – Columbia College

                                                      2012  Hong Kong: feng shui

                                                      2012  Store Fronts of Zhangmutou

                                                      2011  Chuck Close Face Book - Abrams

                                                      2010  Oregon – Self Published

                                                      2010  Pacific Rim – Self Published

                                                      2010   Vanishing Points – Self Published

                                                      2010, Sanctum: Churches In Italy – Self Published

                                                      2009, QM (Queen Mary) – Self Published

                                                      2009  bon appetit – Self Published

                                                      2009, Bike Trip – A Trans America Bicycle Trip - Self Published

                                                      2009, Eight – Self Published

                                                      2009, Pittsburgh – A Look Back – Photographs from 1980-1990 – Self Published

                                                      2009, Italy: new / perspectives – Self Published                               

                                                      2008, Mysteries Of China – Self Published

                                                      2006, Queen Mary – Hand Made Art Book

                                                      2005, Venice: 360?Photographs - Hand Made Art Book

                                                      2004, Bike Trip: A Trans-America  Bicycle Trip – Hand Made Art Book

                                                      2004, Seurat and the Making of La Grande Jatte

                                                      Masterpieces of Chicago Architecture, Rizzoli & The Art Institute of Chicago, 2004

                                                      Miniature Rooms, The Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago, 2004

                                                      530 Collection N. Lake Shore Drive, 2003

                                                      October, 1985, American  Film  Magazine.

                                                      September, 1985,  Pittsburgh Magazine.

                                                      April, 1984, Pittsburgh Portfolio1, Edition : 50.

                                                      April, 1983, American Photographer.

                                                      March/April 1982, Carnegie Magazine, Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

                                                      1980, A Brief 19th Century History of Bicycles and Cameras/Photography - Inventions and Processes, Field of Vision,

                                                      1977, The Silver/Non-Silver Lab Manual, Self Published.

                                                      1977-78, Portfolio 1 - Limited Edition Portfolio.

                                   GRANTS/AWARDS: (Selected)

                                                      2011, 2014 Shore Shore Arts, Munster, IN. Wanda L. & Richard W. Gardner Memorial Award.

                                                      2007, Lubeznick Center For The Arts, Regional Invitational Juried Award

                                                      2005, Lubeznick Center For The Arts, Regional Invitational Juried Award

                                                      2004, Northern Indiana Arts Association, Award

                                                      1984, Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, 74th Annual Associated Artists Of Pittsburgh Exhibition, Jurors Award, Pittsburgh, PA                                                                                                    1984, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Jurors Award.  Juried by Lee Witkin, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

                                                      1982, The Philadelphia Print Club, 58th Annual International Exhibition, Board of Governor's Purchase Award.

                                                      1982, Erie Art Center, Erie, Pennsylvania, 59th Annual International Juried Exhibition,  Award Winner.

                                                      1981, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Award Winner.

                                                      1980, National Endowment  for the Arts, Photography Survey Grant.

                                                      1978, Pittsburgh Film-Makers, Artist-in-Residence Grant.

                                   EXHIBITIONS: (Selected)


                                                        2015, Purdue University Art Gallery, Westville, IN, Italy: new/perspectives

                                                        2014, Brauer Museum of Art, Valparaiso, IN, Uniforms, Outfits, & Accessori

                                                        2012, South Shore Arts, Munster, Indiana: Uniforms, Outfits, & Accessories

                                                        2009, Raclin Art Gallery, Indiana University, South Bend, Indiana

                                                         2003  South Suburban College, Chicago, Illinois

                                                         2002, The Train Depot, Beverly Shores

                                                         1984, Allegheny County Courthouse, Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

                                                         1983, Zenith Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

                                                         1982, Zenith Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

                                                         1981, Lloyd Gallery, Spokane, Washington.

                                                          1979, Pittsburgh Film-Makers Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

                                                          1978, The Photography Place, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

                                                          1977, Camerawork Gallery, Portland, Oregon.

                                                          1976, Image Gallery, New York City.

                                                          1975, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

                                   Group:  (Selected)

                                                        2013, Robert F. DeCaprio Gallery, Palos Hills, IL

                                                        2012, Under One Roof: Visitor’s Center, Hammond, Indiana

                                                        2011, Blink Fine Art Gallery, Michigan City, IN “Earth, Air, Fire, Water”

                                                        2011, South Shore Arts 67th annual Salon Show, Juror: Lanny Silverman Wanda L. & Richard W. Gardner Memorial Award.

                                                        2010, Thaddeus C Gallery, Invitational

                                                        2010, Moraine Valley Community College, Faculty Exhibition

                                                        2009, Digital to Daguerrotype: Photographs Of People, Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, PA

                                                        2007, Size Matters, Group Invitational, Lubeznick Center For The Arts, Michigan City, Indiana

                                                        2007, Box Project, Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY

                                                        2006, LaMaPa LaPrairie Museum & Park 1+1= One    Site-Specific Art Installations

                                                        2006, Star Gallery, Michigan City, Indiana

                                                        2006, South Shore Arts 63rd  Annual Salon Show, Bachman Gallery, Munster, IN    

                                                        2006, Thaddeus C Gallery, LaPorte, IN

                                                        2006, Fort Wayne Indiana Museum of Art, Sand, Steel, Spirt2005, Lubeznick Center for the Arts Regional Juried Art Exhibition

                                                        2003 Lubeznick Art Center, Michigan City, IN.

                                                        2002 John G Blank Center for the Arts, Michigan City, IN

                                                        1985, Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh Photographers, Invitational, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

                                                        1984, Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, 74th Annual Associated Artists Of Pittsburgh Exhibition, Jurors Award, Pittsburgh, PA.                                            

                                                        1984, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Award Winner, Juried by Lee Witkin.

                                                        1982, Art Guild, Farmington, Connecticut, The Finished Print, Juried by Gery Metz and Carol Kismaric.

                                                        1982, The Philadelphia Print Club, 58th Annual International Exhibition, Board of Governor's Purchase Award.

                                                        1982, Kern Gallery, Penn State University, CPFA, Juried by ToddPapageorge.

                                                        1982, Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, Juried exhibition.

                                                        1982, Erie Art Center, Erie, Pennsylvania, 59th Annual Juried    Exhibition, Award Winner.

                                                        1981, The Print Club, Selected Photographs, Invitational, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

                                                        1981, Erie Art Center, International Photography Exhibition, Juried by Bea Nettles and Duane Michals.

                                                        1981, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Grand Prize.

                                                        1981, Allentown Museum of Art, Pennsylvania Photographers  11, Juried Exhibition.

                                                        1980, Pennsylvania Governor's Mansion, Pennsylvania Photographers Invitational.

                                                       1980, Friends of Photography, Carmel, California, Juried Exhibition.

                                                        1980, Southern Allegheny Museum of Art, Juried Exhibition.

                                                        1977, Rochester Institute of Technology, Colorwork, Invitational.

                                                        1977, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, The Drama of Process: Extensions of the Directoral Mode, Invitational.

                                                        1975, University of Oregon, Museum of Art, Eugene, Oregon, Juried Exhibition.

                                    COLLECTIONS: (Selected)

                                                          Pennsylvania Council on The Arts, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

                                                           Howard Heinz Endowment, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

                                                            A. W. Mellow Educational & Charitable Trust, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

                                                            Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

                                                             Edward J. Lewis, Oxford Development Corp.

                                                             Duquesne Light Company.

                                                             Deloitte, Haskins, and Sells Inc.

                                                             PPG Industries Inc.

                                                             Allegheny County.

                                                             McKnight Development Corp.

                                                             Blue Cross Blue Shield Corporation

                                                             Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

                                                             Museum of Art, University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

                                     CLIENTS: (Selected)

                                                              American Cancer Society

                                                              Art Institute of Chicago

                                                              Blue Cross Blue Shield

                                                              Bristol – Myers Squibb

                                                             Case International

                                                              Digital Corporation

                                                              Eli Lilly

                                                              Encyclopaedia Britannica

                                                              Heinz corporation

                                                              McGraw Hill

                                                              Mine Safety Appliance (MSA)


                                                              National Safety Council


                                                              PPG Pittsburgh Plate Glass

                                                              Purina Corporation


                                                              Seventeen Magazine


                                                              Westinghouse Corporation

                                                              Wilson Sporting Goods

                                                              American Craft Magazine













































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