Book: Walkabout


About the Book

I always liked the idea of the Australian, Aboriginal “walkabout’, so I decided to do "walkabouts" in

Hong Kong on my last several visits. The easiest way for me to do this is to take the MTR (Mass Transit

Railway) to different areas of the city, get off, and walk around. A walkabout to me means walking

around an area without a clear, concise destination in mind. I'm just looking carefully at the

surroundings and focusing on things that interest me visually. I'm interested in people, structures,

signage, etc., and I feel that all the movement and momentum on the street is fair game and

photographable. I’m new to the area. I realize that I sometimes stand out among the locals, and like

a kid in a candy store, I’m willing to take as much as I can get without seeming greedy.


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